• Claudia Villalobos

Glow Girls makes Button earrings with Creations by Jaylin

I'm always so impressed when Jaylin does a workshop because I get to see how prepared she is and what she thought about with the assistance of her mother Janelle Coleman, Jaylin runs a self run Workshop of how to make her infamous button earrings. YES! This 11 year old writes out a daily itinerary for herself on top of prepping the night before.

Today though is special, Jaylin is getting ready to get interviewed by a major media station. However Jaylin looks so calm to me. She looks so relaxed and its because her confidence has took over and she is so ready to do this!

She has a workshop of about 11 girls ranging from 7-14 years old. We do small icebreakers in the beginning but eventually the girls are all comfortable with each other with laughing and small talk. Each girl is allowed to make a pair of earrings.

Jaylin also brought affirmation boxes so that all the girls could design and decorate them and fill it with positive affirmations! This was a great fit and she loved it! Thank you Jaylin for hosting this workshop with us!

Check out Jaylin here:

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