Our Story



GLOW GIRLS was founded by moms Claudia, Lanika, & Miquelle who recoginized the importance of creating and maintaining lasting relationships with the women around them. Their hope is this "Lead by Example" approach will positively influence their daughters to do the same. By utilizing Art & Crafts as a way to bring girls into one space, their hope is to open communication to talk, build, and learn more about each other. Each session comes with snacks, supplies, and a new experience. Glow Girls sessions about sharing goals and creating the support necessary to achieve them!

In order to keep sessions Free, consider donating funds, time, materials, and/or share us on your social media to spread the word. On our FB shop, we list an opportunity to sponsor a participant. 


Listed below are items we are always in need of;


- Glue Guns and Sticks (Always)

- Puff Paint

- Micheals or JoAnne's Gift certificates

- Pompoms

- Acrylic Paint

- ✨Glitter✨

- Snacks

Contact: seattleglowgirls@gmail.com